Fun in the Snow

Fun in the Snow 1233 by Kent Lorentzen

Raven (my dog) and I went for a walk in the snow this morning. She was good enough to let me get a picture of her playing and having fun in the snow.

After walking along the river and taking some pics, we hiked out into the fields behind the house. Raven was checking out the deer tracks and having a good time. I was so lucky to catch a photo with her in motion with a puff of powdery snow in the air. I’ve had a hard time capturing moments like that.

We were both happy to get back in the house after the walk, since the temperature was zero with a brisk breeze. Oh… I was dressed for it, and after all Raven has a fur coat. But… The buttons on the camera are too small to work with mittens on, so my hands got a little chilly.

Prices for Fun in the Snow 1233 begin at $13.58, subject to change.

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