Floating down the Mississippi

Had a nice afternoon float down the Mississippi river with some neighbors yesterday.

Start of the Fall Flotilla

Start of the Fall Flotilla

Gwen sits in her kayak at the start of the Fall Flotilla trip down the Mississippi river.

Jerry and Iona in a red canoe

Jerry and Iona in a red canoe

Gwen is getting her camera to take a picture of Jerry and Iona starting to paddle a red canoe down the Mississippi river.

Jerry and Iona in a red canoe

Jerry and Iona in a red canoe

There were pretty reflections off the water as Jerry and Iona canoed along the eastern bank of the Mississippi river.

W paddling his kayak down the Mississippi

W paddling his kayak down the Mississippi

Fall colors and reflections off the water make a pretty picture as W paddles his orange kayak down the Mississippi river.

Fall Floatilla down the Mississippi river.

Fall Flotilla down the Mississippi river.

A pretty picture with fall colors along the banks of the Mississippi river as canoes and a kayak head downriver. Bob’s in his homemade wooden canoe. The other canoeists are John and Joyce and, Jerry and Iona. W is in the kayak.

After the trip, we all gathered at Gwen and W’s house for a potluck supper. What a nice afternoon trip and good food!

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Farmer and Market Gardener living along the banks of the Mississippi river in north Central Minnesota.
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3 Responses to Floating down the Mississippi

  1. Jenice says:

    The Mississippi River was a very familiar landmark of my early years. I remember the river boats, the tugboats, the stern wheelers I saw as a child. I found myself intrigued by the entire idea of being on the Mississippi in small kayaks and canoes, and your photos made me think of the old Mississippi River I knew in a new way. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. Nifty Galoot says:


    Thanks for the nice comment. We were talking about the steamboats that used to travel the river in the ‘good ole days.’ Stern wheelers carried passengers and freight between Aitkin and Grand Rapids from 1871 to 1921, when there was enough water in the river to make travel possible.

    It’s hard to picture boats as large as the Andy Gibson (which was 140 feet long and 32 feet wide) traveling this river. I heard from some of the old timers that the paddle was hitting the bank as it navigated some of the corners.

    A 1909 passenger rate schedule from the Oriole steamboat lists the ticket price of $1.45 for the trip from Aitkin to here. The Oriole was 105 feet by 22 feet and ran from 1907 to 1918.

    My grandparents didn’t move here till 1922, so the steamboats had quit running by then. It’d really be something to see a big boat on the river now-a-days.

  3. Kayecee says:

    Nice pics!

    You’re braver than I am…. I live 20 minutes from the Mighty Mississippi and have never ventured into her waters. Crossing the Memphis bridge is as close as I wanna get. LOL

    Looks like y’all had fun!

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