Cold Morning Sky

Looked out this morning and there were some nice red colors just before sunrise. Grabbed the camera and a tripod, popped out the door and set up. It was 5 degrees below zero, didn’t grab a jacket, hat, or mittens, as it was just outside the door and only gonna be for a moment at a time…

Took a few pics. Decided a jacket and hat would feel good. Hands were still cool, but can’t work the camera with mittens on. Did learn, while moving, that an aluminum tripod and bare hands in below zero temps aren’t a good combination.

Here are a couple of the pics:

December Sunrise

December Sunrise

Red Sky in December

Red Sky in December

About Nifty Galoot

Farmer and Market Gardener living along the banks of the Mississippi river in north Central Minnesota.
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9 Responses to Cold Morning Sky

  1. Faux Flowers says:

    Wow, amazing colours and wish i could see such a snenery in front of me. Lucky You and thanks for sharing it with us. its really great !!

  2. Sounds like that was an exciting sunrise. Clicking on the big version was certainly rewarding!

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  3. Rok says:

    Great photos! Thanks for sharing. That landscape is really nice.

  4. Your photos are incredible! I love love love the colors. I hope the cold wasn’t too unbearable. Did you do any photoshop alterations or is that 100% natural?

  5. Nifty Galoot says:

    The photos are untouched… Just the way the camera captured the sky.

  6. Very very nice sky shot , where are you? In which country?

  7. Ok I have found it , Minnesota.
    I know Minnesota , If I remember well , from the TV series Mary Tyler Moore , Don’t you Know or are you too young??

  8. It was stunningly beautiful like a painted portrait. Love the red effect. It was so cool!

  9. Silverfish says:

    Wow, what an amazing picture. The sunlight makes the snow look an amazing color of light purple.

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