Computer Helper…

Oh yes… I often get help at the keyboard, whether it’s wanted or not… First there will be a little nudge on the right hand or I’ll notice something weird appearing on the monitor screen. Oh! It’s just Raven coming to aid in getting something done on the computer…

Raven helping type

Raven helping type

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Dogs can be so helpful… And are real good typists. 😛 I thought as camera shy as Raven is… maybe it’d be hard to get a picture of her. Well, as you can see, she isn’t a totally camera shy dog.

I wonder if other folks with critters in the house get help at their computers too? Do any of them have pictures to show?

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8 Responses to Computer Helper…

  1. Casey says:

    LOL. Great Picture Kent. My little guy is learning how to type on the keyboard too. He mainly does butt typing and helps me with my mouse but he definitely is a helper even if I don’t want help.

    Here’s a picture when he’s all tired out from typing:

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  2. Nifty Galoot says:


    Mister Snuggs looks like he’s been working really hard to get so tired out. You may have to make sure he takes more breaks from his typing so he doesn’t get so tired out. lol

  3. Guy | Tech says:

    She looks like such a sweet dog. :O And apparently technologically inclined as well. 🙂

  4. Chelle says:

    I used to have a cat that would lay right on top of my keyboard…made it a little tricky to try to actually get anything done. It was her cue to tell you that she wanted something to eat or to snuggle up and sleep.

    These days though all I have are my kids as helpers. My 18 month old especially has taken interest in the computer, constantly trying to push buttons if I’m on it while she’s around..doesn’t make it too easy to get a lot of work done!

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  5. Dogs says:

    yes, dogs can be very helful. They can cheer us up.

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  6. That’s too cute. I used to live with two cats and the female always wanted to play with the cursor on the monitor. She would “chase” it til exhaustion, it was always a blast! Of course she also needed the entire space where the keyboard would be to herself. Usually I took it onto my knees for the time being. Here’s 2 pix of them on my monitor – they were just a few months old. The female is the striped one. :o)
    Kitties helping with computer game
    Kitties getting sleepy

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  7. Hi..
    She is so cute. Well my doggy always trying to do great mischief’s, he is very naughty but I love my doggy. He likes to play with me and when I work on my PC, he always try to understands that what I am doing. He sits with me to listen music and I am agree with you that dogs are very helpful and very faithful. So I want to tell all my friends that love animals.

  8. Sometimes dogs are very irritating especially when they don’t stop barking, but they too takes the stress away! They are so cute when they run around circles just to show you they wanted to play with you. Sometimes, if you have no one to talk to, even if they don’t understand you they still know how to make you feel better. 🙂

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