Pretty Bright Flowers

Pretty Bright Flowers by Kent Lorentzen

Bright colored flower plants were blooming at last week’s Farmer’s Market. They make a beautiful photo.

One of nice things about selling my garden goodies at Farmer’s Market… Is seeing all the great things other vendors bring. This time of year there are lots of lovely flower plants all ready for folks to put in their gardens.

I try to snap some photos each day I’m there… Once in a while I’m lucky enough to capture a really pretty image.

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About Nifty Galoot

Farmer and Market Gardener living along the banks of the Mississippi river in north Central Minnesota.
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11 Responses to Pretty Bright Flowers

  1. They are really pretty. That picture made me realize how beautiful our environment is which will sooner or later be gone to us because of our negligence.

    It is so nice of you to take every beauty that you see and have it posted in this medium to let people see the greatness of the environment. I can tell that you are enjoying your little hobby and hopefully you will show us more of your masterpieces.

    Good luck!

  2. I never thought of markets for photo shoots … what an idea.

  3. Wow this is awesome photo shots of flowers…they are really so pretty we can get this when we are caring for our mother nature..

  4. Jenny M. says:

    That picture in the foreground reminds me of a big wild and hard to find orchid flower called ‘waling-waling’ that grows only up on the top branches of tall trees in the Philippines.
    .-= Jenny M.´s last blog ..Cheap Popcorn Machines =-.

  5. I was thinking about flowers today, trying to find ones that would go in my house well yet still manage to be at least a bit ‘manly’.

    Your photo looks brilliant btw
    .-= Jeff @ Redesign Day ´s last blog ..Brightening Up A House With Flowers =-.

  6. The Farmer’s Market always have lots of choices of fresh flowers. Nice picture of the flower. It’s pretty!

  7. That photo is gorgeous – I love the colours.

  8. Scott says:

    That was fantastic photo. It is so nice of you to take every beauty that you see and have it posted in this medium to let people see the greatness of the environment. Thank you.

  9. Joel@hgh says:

    Mostly the Orchids grown in the houses, greenhouses, and gardens are epiphytes. They originate from regions having tropical conditions which are most favorable for the plant growth. Some Orchids, that are inhabitant of temperate climates such as Cypripediums, start out growing on the ground. Conversely, thousands of plants grow in tropical regions, causing the shortage of growing space. Therefore, epiphytic Orchids start climbing into shrubs and trees in search of more light. They have roots which support them in climbing into higher places.

  10. Love the photo, what type of flower is that? (the pink and white one)

  11. joelyn says:

    really nice shot of those flowers,,and the flowers are lovely,, i like to ask if what kind of flowers is that. im addicted into flowers.

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