Township Day

Today is the day of the Township Annual meeting so I was to the town hall this morning and started a fire in the wood stove so it’d be warm and comfy for the meeting. Have the coffee pot out and all ready to go.

Here are a couple of pictures of our little town hall:

Townhship Hall 01

Township Hall 02

The hall was built about 30 years ago by a long time township resident who also served as clerk for 48 years before retiring.

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Farmer and Market Gardener living along the banks of the Mississippi river in north Central Minnesota.
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4 Responses to Township Day

  1. Tee says:

    That is a cool town hall! Some of us are too ingrained in suburbia and major cities to ever experience such a nice, small-town feel.

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  2. Craig says:

    It looks plenty cold out there.
    I am from the South of England and we only get snow every other year.
    Are most of your houses built from wood as apposed to brick and why do you think that is?

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  3. Megapixels says:

    What a great building for a town hall. I have an Uncle that keeps a log cabin on a very pristine parcel of land in northern Ontario. Your town hall reminds me very much of it.

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  4. Mr Article says:

    Oh wow, i’m so jealous, i wish we got snow like that over here in the UK! We get none at all, it’s so sad.

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