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I have a number of websites, and many of them are WordPress blog based. There are lots of great plugins for WordPress to use. Here’s a list of some of them I’ve found useful:

There are many other great plugins I’m not using because I don’t have a need for them or haven’t heard of them. I did want to share the ones I like and use most often.

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17 Responses to WordPress Plugins I use

  1. John says:

    By far my favorite plugin is One Click Installer (http://anirudhsanjeev.org/projects/oneclick/) – it makes installing plugins so nice and easy!

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  2. That’s a nice list of plug-ins. I’ll have to check out that amazon one…I like to use amazon products but hate the hassle of logging in, finding the product, getting the link.

    The best thing about plug-ins is they make life much easier!

    Upstart Agents last blog post..How to Improve Your Personal Website Rankings

  3. Erika J says:

    I love using the related posts plugin too. It gives you a way for people to take a look at older posts.

  4. xenalto says:

    I think WordPress Database backup plugin is a must… Better to be prepared than to be sorry.. The ones you have listed are good and few of them are new to me…I need to check out WP-ads and Lightbox…

    xenaltos last blog post..Birthday Bash at Pinay Mommy Online

  5. Tony says:

    There are a few there that I haven’t heard of before and that looks promising.

    I would also like to recommend 2 that I use:
    Karailiev’s sitemap – this generates a xml sitemap of your blog for google.
    smart update pinger – this stops your site from pinging every time you edit a post. You just ping when you publish. Keeps you from getting slapped for spamming.

  6. Louise says:

    I second the importance of the backup plugin, although I think this may be included in WP 2.6.

    Louises last blog post..Delicious Deviled Egg Recipes from Paula Dean

  7. PeterMathAntispam is essential – random maths questions prevent robot spamalots

    Pasty Munchers last blog post..Best of British Totty – Top Totty in Adverts for Land Rover

  8. Sire says:

    Out of that list my favorite is the Automatic upgrade. Upgrading used to be such a headache but now it’s a breeze. Another one that isn’t on the list is a threaded comment plugin that allows users to reply to a particular comment.

    Sires last blog post..The F Word, When No Other Word Will Do

  9. Lening says:

    Thanks for sharing this list of plugins. I knew most of them but it’s always easy to have them in one list for future references..Bookmarked!

  10. I’m also a big fan of the various “related posts” plugins that are around – they seem to really increase user-friendliness and stickiness of blogs.

    Flip Video Camerass last blog post..Flip Video Software (Part 2)

  11. Shane says:

    Forced to pick just 3, I’d choose Akismet, Subscribe to Comments, and WP-DB Backup — in that order.

    Shanes last blog post..Free Business Ideas

  12. B.M. Garrett says:

    I truly enjoy Akismet. It’s a valuable tool that every blogger should use. I’ve seen some blog sites that have thousands of spam comments per post! So far, the plugin has caught a lot of spam for me and I’m happy about that.

    B.M. Garretts last blog post..Paid in full

  13. My favorite plugin is the all-in-one-SEO. It makes everything so completely simple. Personally I think it’s very valuable , and of course I also love it because it’s free.

  14. JL says:

    The two I have on every blog I run are All in One SEO Pack and Google XML Sitemaps. Not sexy I know but if you’re concerned at all about SEO they’re essential in my opinion.

  15. Oh, I decide to find plugin like “Gives a backlink to a commentor’s last post” but I don’t know what it’s name. Thanks for article

  16. Thanks for sharing your plugins.

    Does any spam get through with that Contact Form 7? I’m looking for a good form for this. Thanks.

  17. Nifty Galoot says:

    Contact Form 7 seems to be doing a good job keeping spam away. I think the combination of plugins, Bad Behavior, Akismet, and Contact Form 7, are working well and every blog needs such spam control.

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